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Dr. Gavani

Dr. Uma Gavani is a prominent allergist in the Chicagoland area. Her website focuses on providing current and prospective patients with the information they need when planning for their allergy needs. It was important to have clear calls to action on every page, and for the website to work in any context, from the patient’s office computer, on their tablet, and on their phone.

I worked with Dr. Gavani and copywriter Sheila Hart to identify the information her audience needed to get from he site. From there I determined a logical structure for the site and developed a clear, clear, and responsive user interface. The site prioritizes the mobile experience and adapts to present a visually richer user experience when viewed on larger screens.

A flexible grid system was employed to allow for a variety of layouts throughout the site, all while maintaining a visual harmony. A simple content management system was integrated to allow for D. Gavani and her staff to make important announcements with ease.

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