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Furniture Suite for Outdoor Public Space

Lead for process, curriculum design,
and implementation

As a pilot for activating outdoor open space with arts-based interventions, DAP students participated in reimagining of the vacant lot at 265 E. Garfield Blvd and ultimately co-designed and co-built an outdoor furniture collection for use by neighbors and for programs on the Arts Block. Joined by university students, DAP participants initiated designs during a day long charette and then took part in the processes of making one of the design suites a reality from wood-milling to final finish coating. Throughout spring and summer sessions, students were joined by teaching artists and specialists including woodworkers and sawyers to learn about the fate of ash trees felled from Chicago Park District sites. Students participated in milling the logs. After logs were kiln-dried off site, the wood was utilized by the students and artists to co-create a furniture suite for use by the community.

The suite consisted of 12 stools, 4 benches and 4 tables.


Washington Park Arts Block

Pawel Smal & Ryan Coffey, Teaching artists
Brian Saner, Michael Lahood & Jillian Bruschera, Woodworking and sawyering specialists
IIT architecture students joining the charette as mentors

Principal Participants
Students enrolled in APL’s Design Apprenticeship Program (DAP), Spring 2015 and Summer 2015

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