n|a designlab



Graphic Design:

Using type, color, image, and composition to communicate meaning and inspire action. This is the core of what I do for my clients and the basis for the rest of my services.

Web Design:

Designing interactive, informative, and emotive experiences for screens of any size. The scope of my web design services ranges from strategy and research, through prototyping and visual design, to coding, testing, and launching the product.

Print Design:

Inks on papers, bindings, and die-cuts. Sometimes people just need the tactile nature that a nice paper stock or the relief of letterpress provides. I’m a sucker for some nice spot colors on a heavy uncoated stock–I bet you are as well.

Identity Design:

At its simplest, a logo. At its most complex, a comprehensive strategy to communicate the core idea of a company. The identity design services I offer span that entire range.

Information Design:

Taking complicated sets of information and using design to make them easier to understand. I believe in systems and structure, both visual and informational. Sometimes, the structure emerges from the content, other times, it needs to be applied to the content.

Art Direction:

Sometimes accounts, and the teams assigned to them, need guidance on an effective and consistent design direction. As an experienced designer and leader, I’m able to bring focus, cohesion, and a strong vision to design teams, both in-house and in the agency world.

User Interface (UI) Design:

Users want to get things done. A well-designed user interface allows them to do just that. My approach to User Interface design is to provide users with the tools they need at the time they need them, always keeping in mind the goal of the activity at hand.

User Experience (UX) Design:

A great visual design falls flat if the path and process the user follows hasn’t been considered. I work with clients to examine the who, what, and how of their web projects and how that affects the flow of the end product.

Project Management:

Believe it or not, most projects involve more than one design service. My experience serving as design lead on teams of all sizes gives me the ability to help my clients, and their team, to determine the best process to achieve their product goals.